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Rent: Finding Home

There’s a shortage of more than 119,000 rental housing units in Wisconsin, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition. It says that a typical Wisconsin household needs to make a combined annual income of almost $36 thousand dollars to afford a two-bedroom rental home. The AppletonHousing Authority’s programs are making a positive impact in […]

Domestic Abuse: Help and Hope

Domestic abuse and domestic violence cases have exploded in the Fox Valley. It’s happening to people in all races, ages, religions, economic status, and it’s happening to people you and I might know – to people in our neighborhoods, in our schools and churches,  in our workplaces, perhaps even in your home. This episode may be difficult to […]

Warming up inside

Posted on Jan 7, 2014, by

While we’re all coping with the frigid cold, I thought I’d share a few stories about caring people in our community that will warm your heart. Music to their ears Twice late last year, groups of local musicians took it upon themselves to organize fundraising concerts to help where they knew help was needed.  One […]