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Voices From the Valley

A podcast of the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region

Caregivers: Room for Grace

With memory loss comes new challenges in caring for your loved one’s physical and emotional needs, and caring for your own. That’s often a missing piece in the caregiver’s journey.  According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 60% of these caregivers rank their emotional stress as high or very high and many are suffering from depression. 

For Deb and George, the  unexpected journey has often been one of helplessness, guilt, and anxiety, but also one full of love and tenderness. Thanks to programs like the Fox Valley Memory Project and REACH, caregivers are no longer alone.

  • at 2:37 Deb Depies and George Butz, caregivers for their spouses with memory loss.
  • at 9:19 Heather Flick and Susan Kazik, REACH Caregiver Coaches
  • at 19:40 Jackie Gonzalez, Clinic/Care Coordinator, Mosaic Family Health


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