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Helping fight food insecurity: Neighbor to Neighbor

When most people think about hunger, they imagine it in some far-off place. But hunger is right here in our communities – especially the rural small towns in the Fox Valley. More than 427,000 Wisconsinites have a hard time getting enough food to meet their basic needs, a situation commonly known as food insecurity. That’s nearly half a million Wisconsinites who face hunger, including 171,460 children.


Rural Wisconsin depends on local food banks to help cover food struggles, and sometimes those pantries need to get creative.


Today, we are taking you to one very unique food distribution program called Neighbor to Neighbor Meals of Manawa -N2N. It was born out of desperate need in Manawa, a rural town of roughly 1,500, in Waupaca County.



Voices You’ll Hear

Brenda Vander Zanden, Co-Director of Neighbor to Neighbor Meals of Manawa

Your hosts:

Amy Spreeman

Carolyn Desrosiers






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