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Our Story: We’ve come a long way!


People of all walks of life have been impacted by the Community Foundation since its founding in 1986. We hear their stories, and we want you to hear them too!

Our Voices from the Valley: A Podcast of the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region podcast launched in September, 2021, and we’ve come a long way in telling the eye-opening, heartstring-pulling stories people and nonprofits in our community have shared with us. 30 episodes later and more than 3,000 downloads from around the world, we are celebrating and sharing the unique facets and challenges of living in our area!

Our Story

Our fledgeling episode was titled Our Story, and we took that opportunity to share how the Community Foundation came to be, what we do, and how we’ve grown to touch lives throughout the Fox Valley region. Back when we aired this episode, we were still recording our interviews on Zoom, and not able to record in person. In spite of those audio experiments, our mission remains the same: We strengthen our community for current and future generations by helping people make a difference in the lives of all. 

We thought we’d share that story once again, in this encore presentation.

Listen and subscribe to our podcast, Voices from the Valley: A Podcast of the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region.


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