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Building dreams for the next generation

College is expensive and paying for it can be difficult. Prospective college students may worry about being able to afford college or possibly taking on student loan debt. The high costs of tuition, book, housing, and transportation along with an aversion to debt can create barriers to attaining a college degree.

Many students don’t even consider college, attend only part-time (drastically decreasing their likelihood of completion), or drop out because of the high costs they and their families face, even at public universities.

The Community Foundation has given thousands of Fox Cities Region high school and college students financial encouragement over the years, aiding them on the path to graduation and successful careers.

During the first half of 2022, 488 scholarship awards were given to students from over 60 high schools and colleges in the Fox Valley and beyond, totaling $1.35 million, to help support their educational aspirations.

The scholarships are not just for the most gifted and talented students. Some scholarships assist students who are working hard in school to improve themselves or who trying to make a difference in their communities. Other scholarships support students wanting to work in hard-to-fill industries while others aim to help those with financial need. Our scholarship amounts range from $500 to $100,000 and most allow students to attend any school they want, regardless of location.

We’re grateful people understand the importance of higher education and want to support generations to come. It’s easy to set up a scholarship fund, which can be established by individuals or families, such as establishing a memorial to a special person; by community organizations to assist deserving students in the community; or by corporations who may want to help the children or dependents of their employees.

Scholarship funds can be established with certain parameters, such as financial need, GPA, academic area, or challenges such as a physical disability. Community Foundation scholarships go to high school, college, and nontraditional students, as well as to students attending K-12 art and music camps and lessons.

Iida Berg

You can make a difference for young people throughout our community. To learn more about giving to a scholarship fund or setting up one of your own, please contact me by email or call 920.702.7629.

Through the generosity of people, businesses and organizations passionate about helping students achieve their education dreams, we have more than $1 million in scholarships available each year to students from 60 schools, available for high school seniors, college and nontraditional students and K-12 art and music camps and lessons.  See the Scholarship Recipient List for 2020 – 21, and learn more about creating a scholarship fund.


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