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The next generation: Helping 9 grandchildren grow in philanthropy

4-year-old Remy

When Sherwood residents Marlene and Carl Boucher began asking their grandchildren to choose gifts from Food for the Poor holiday catalog, they saw the spark of philanthropy ignite within the kids. 

“They gave so much thought to what they were going to do,” Marlene says. 

 The Bouchers decided to expand upon the idea, having each grandchild — nine in all — to direct a $100 grant to a cause of their choice. Marlene and Carl eventually developed this gift into the Acts 20:35 Family Fund within the Community Foundation, named for Acts 20:35, which includes the passage “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” 

Pictured above: Back row: Carson, Gavin, and Griffin. Middle row: Sophia, Evelyn, and Avarie. Front: Remy (seated), Carl & Marlene, Carter (standing), and Sammy (seated). 

Oldest grandchild, Carson

The Bouchers’ grandchildren have chosen to support a variety of causes related to their interests. For example, their eldest grandchild, now 20, loves to fish and supported the Fishing Freedom Fund. The youngest, just 4 years old, told his grandparents he wanted to help sick children to get medicine. 

The Bouchers, who also are longtime community volunteers, instilled that love for giving in their four children as well. Their daughter, Amy McGowan, and her husband, Mike, also started a fund at the Community Foundation, supporting a variety of causes meaningful to them. 

“Both Carl and I really are strong believers in giving back,” Marlene says. “We feel blessed that we can.” 

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