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Tuning in to the Waupaca community

Local Waupaca community radio station WAUP 99.1 received its broadcasting license in 2015. The station provides access to community broadcasting for the people of Waupaca and nearby surrounding areas. In 2021 the station received a grant of $3,000 from the Waupaca Area Community Foundation (one of our five geographic affiliate partners), for general support of its mission. 

An important objective for WAUP is to connect community members to one another and the world by exploring diversity through arts, public affairs programming and cultural events. One way WAUP does that is by increasing the level of community involvement by showcasing interesting and talented local radio programmers who produce both live and pre-recorded programs.  

In addition, the station participates in on-site broadcast appearances in support of local community events. WAUP programming also facilitates the distribution of news and public service information, along with its core interest, the sharing of a wide range of musical programming with listeners. 

As a matter of course, WAUP serves and works with the local arts community, as well as other local nonprofits. In that role, personnel interview guest experts, and share information and ideas ranging from art, music, and literary interests to city government and health and safety issues.

According to WAUP leadership, the obvious primary benefit of the grant was that it helped with the station’s operational costs and other financial needs. The powerful secondary benefit is that it effectively multiplied the impact of the grant by continuing to enable WAUP to build awareness of, and provide a voice to, other organizations that seek to improve the Waupaca area and experience. 

The Waupaca Area Community Foundation is one of five geographic affiliates we partner with in the Fox Valley. Our other partners include Brillion Area Family of Funds, Chilton Area Community Foundation, Clintonville Area Foundation, and Shawano Area Community Foundation.

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