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Create a Charitable Fund – With These Simple Steps

Michelle Lippart Hardwick

The Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region helps generous and caring people like you give back to the causes and community you care about most.

Establishing a charitable fund is a great way to make our community a better place. Giving is easy and effective, and finding the best fit for your charitable goals, financial goals and personal preferences is the key. You can establish your fund following these simple steps:

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1. Choose your passion.
Do you want to impact education? Increase our community’s health? Support animals at the shelter? We’ll work with you to select the field of interest, community cause or nonprofit organization(s) you want to support.

2. Choose a type of fund.
The Community Foundation offers many types of funds to help you fulfill your goals: donor advised, designated, unrestricted, field of interest, and scholarship. Each provides different levels of participation and flexibility, but all allow you to partner with the Community Foundation to create greater good together.

3. Chose to make your fund endowed or non-endowed.
An endowment fund is a permanent fund that provides perpetual support for charity and a great way to establish a legacy. A non-endowed fund is a flexible option and assets are immediately available for grant making.

4. Choose when to give.
Do you want to establish a fund today so you can witness its impact during your lifetime? Or would you prefer to defer your gift through a will or other planned giving option? We work with you and/or your professional advisor(s) to determine how you can best achieve your charitable goals while meeting your financial needs.

5. Choose what to give.
You can give cash, stocks, property, a bequest and/or other assets. You receive an acknowledgment letter for tax purposes at the time your fund is established and when you make additional contributions to your fund. We can handle the most complex transactions and turn unusual gifts into community good.

6. Choose a fund name.
Many donors choose a family name, the name of an honored person but you can use any name that is meaningful to you. Some donors prefer to remain anonymous.

We’ll walk you through the necessary paperwork to complete the creation of your fund and explain our investment and spending policies and other pertinent information to finalize an initial gift to your fund. It’s easy to establish a fund – it can often be done in a day – and confirm your investment in the future of the community you love.

Let’s talk about creating up a fund. Contact me at [email protected] or 920.702.7622 or check out our start a fund page on the web.

Looking for unique giving ideas to make a difference in your community? Check out these tax-advantageous ways to give now.

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