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Imagine Fox Cities wants to know how are you doing

Imagine Fox Cities, an inclusive, community-wide initiative created to be intentional about shaping the future of the Fox Cities, is asking for feedback from people of all walks of life in the Fox Cities. Individuals are encouraged to share how they’re personally feeling now, and to look ahead to the next five years, related to physical and mental health, finances, life purpose and fulfillment, and emotional and social support. Feedback about overall community well-being also will be sought.

Imagine Fox Cities is gathering opinions through its well-being survey and asks people to contribute their voices by taking the survey online before May 14. Click here to take the survey on the Imagine Fox Cities’ website.

By responding to this survey, people in the Fox Cities can be part of an effort to help create an understanding of the current and potential future well-being of the community. Survey results will be helpful in discussions and plans for enhancing life for those who call the Fox Cities home now and for future generations.

“Imagine Fox Cities’ purpose is to take the pulse of the Fox Cities and discover ways to improve the community,” explains Rayon Brown, co-chair of the Imagine Fox Cities initiative and executive director for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for Fox Valley Technical College. “We know the past year has completely reshaped the social climate around social justice, diversity and race and that the pandemic has had a major impact on overall wellness, especially on minoritized members of our community. What we don’t know is just how much this has affected our region. Through this survey, we want to understand peoples’ thoughts and concerns and share the results with the community. We want to work together to find helpful solutions and proactively prepare for the future.”

The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete, and responses will be anonymous. Results will be reported in early summer.

Imagine Fox Cities was created in 2018 to lead an effort to shape a living vision for individuals, businesses and organizations to guide their actions and decisions to improve the well-being of all who call the Fox Cities home.

“Our Living Vision is to advance the well-being of our place and the well-being of our people. To create the conditions for everyone who calls this place home with the opportunity to reach their full potential,” adds Brown. “We dare to imagine, and endeavor to realize, a shared future that leads to greater flourishing—for this generation and the next.”

Imagine Fox Cities is eager to engage voices from all walks of life to continue to make the Fox Cities a special place to live and work today and for future generations. Please consider taking the well-being survey today!

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