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“A wonderful place to put your time and treasure”

Mame Heaney of Neenah at the Community Foundation with our receptionist, Betty Van Den Broek. Mame is a fourth-generation member of a family who has been philanthropic in the Fox Cities for many years.

By Mame Heaney, Neenah

As a past board member, volunteer and one of the Members of the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, I know the importance of meeting critical needs in the area.

Mame Heaney

The pandemic is a good example of this. People experienced job loss. Health and wellness moved to the forefront of our minds. With the help of the Community Foundation, nonprofits continued their work to address the new and ongoing needs of this region.

I personally value being able to invest my time and funds into the Community Foundation because my family ran several local businesses that helped them thrive. It is wonderful when money that is made in the Valley stays here. In addition to my commitments, I teach my child and grandchildren about the importance of philanthropy. This philanthropic spirit now extends six generations.

Having multiple funds to address different community causes diversifies and expands the impact for more people. This is a way to really personalize our giving. We do our granting together. Giving feels good and creates a sense of community. I emphasize that gifts of time and talent are equally as important as money.

When people ask me about how the Community Foundation works, I tell them it functions as a savings account for the community. Thanks to donors, the Community Foundation is able to grant funds to new and well-established nonprofits that make a difference. I also tell people that the Community Foundation is a wonderful place to put their time and treasure to benefit people for generations to come. Together, we flourish.


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