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American Heart Month: staying healthy at home

Posted on Feb 1, 2021, by

Jane Lowe, American Heart Association, dropped by the Community Foundation to deliver “Heart Boxes,” valuable resources supported by funds within the Community Foundation.

By Jane Lowe, development director for the American Heart Association, Northeast Wisconsin

February is American Heart Month, which reminds people of the importance of focusing on their cardiovascular health and well-being. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, many families are struggling to find the time and resources to maintain healthy lifestyles while continuing to provide for their children and families at home.

Millions of school-age children have been affected by school closings related to the coronavirus outbreak. Those closures were a critical step taken to protect the health and well-being of kids and families. However, kids, families and communities are in an unusual and dangerous situation where their access to healthy foods, physical activity and well-being need immediate attention.

Many organizations throughout the state began working to provide meal stability during school closures by offering grab-and-go meals. However, there was still a need for resources to support kids and their families to manage stress, expand learning, and promote healthy living while adjusting to the new normal of being home. The Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region stepped in to help become part of the solution.

Through the George & Gussie Balck and Arthur & Mary Leske Charitable Fund, the American Heart Association Northeast Wisconsin will be able to provide roughly 200 Heart Boxes to families in need throughout region. Each Heart Box contains resources on staying safe during the pandemic, where to seek local help for food, shelter or mental health, heart healthy recipes and tips on stretching food resources.

The Community Foundation recognized there were some missing pieces when it came to supporting local families through the many changes brought on by the pandemic, The heart boxes keep local resources all together in one place, making it easy for local families to find the help they need.

Heart boxes will accompany grab-and-go meals at meal distribution sites throughout the Fox Valley area during American Heart Month.

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