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Donor advised fund offers flexibility

The same skills that allow Roger and Lynn Van Vreede to increase the return on their own investments have helped a long list of nonprofits. Central to their strategy is their donor advised fund at the Community Foundation.

The Roger and Lynn Van Vreede Charitable Fund has given gifts as large as six figures to favorite causes – particularly for environmental, women’s and educational causes.

“What I like about the donor advised fund is the total flexibility,” Roger says.

The couple give to their fund when there is a tax advantage and send grants when a nonprofit’s need comes to their attention.

The Van Vreedes say they have taken to donating appreciated stock to their fund and then immediately buying back the same stock. They regain their position but pay no capital gains tax because they have given a tax-deductible gift with it. Roger estimates they have saved more than $200,000 in capital gains taxes over the years, while benefiting the charities.

Interested in exploring a family fund? We have a variety of flexible fund options. Check them out here.

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