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Creating Impact by Guiding Nonprofits to Excellence

Posted on Nov 3, 2020, by

By Peter Mariahazy, Community Foundation Board of Directors

Peter Mariahazy   ©LifeTouch

As a donor and volunteer of the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, I’m proud of the organization’s impact that goes well beyond financial support. The Community Foundation adheres to the highest standards in supporting agencies that improve and strengthen the community as a whole. With the Community Foundation’s guidance, these agencies deliver on their missions to serve clients, impacting almost everyone’s life—from those that want to provide support through volunteering or finances, to those needing assistance.

Thanks to my partnership with the Community Foundation, I’m fortunate to be able to assist the community in three key areas of need. First, I’m honored to provide guidance and perspective in the review and approval of grant applications, along with feedback and advice to the applying nonprofits. Second, my wife and I are donors of the Nonprofit Leadership Initiative, a program that provides Fox Valley nonprofits with opportunities for leadership development and learning to better achieve their missions.

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Lastly, I share my knowledge of area nonprofits and other work being done at the Community Foundation as a board member and an ambassador for the Community Foundation, a role that helps to spread its mission and effectiveness. It’s awesome to help individuals and organizations see how their unique missions can create a ripple effect of excellence. People quickly learn that establishing a donor advised fund or legacy fund to support their own priorities can help nonprofits foster greatness.

As a transplant to the Fox Valley, my experience with the Community Foundation has reinforced and enriched my appreciation for this place. My admiration for the area originates from witnessing various entities join resources to solve critical issues and improve the community for all, bolstering the message that together, we flourish.

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