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Brillion flourishes in a year of uncertainty

By Sarah Pielhop Brillion Board Chair

This has been a year.

Sarah Pielhop

A year of pandemic. A year of uncertainty. A year of great ups and great downs.

And everyone has had a different experience. Knowing we are all in this together has helped me.

It may not be the same for everyone, but something has happened to everyone. And we are strong. Brillion strong! The people in our community are truly amazing. You help one another. You come together. And you work for our community to move forward and thrive.

That has always been one of the goals of the Brillion Area Family of Funds. We are stronger together. The more we are together, the more we can help, the more we can do, and the more money we can raise to give back to our community forever.

Click to read our new Annual Report.

There is an incredible group of people on this Brillion Foundation Board who truly care about this community and are helping Brillion stay #BrillionStrong. I’m humbled by them and their dedication, and I truly thank them for continuing this legacy of service to Brillion.

The Brillion Area Family of Funds is not going anywhere. Even during this bizarre year, we have an exciting announcement that will help our community forever! Please, take the time to read this report to the community, look for more updates on the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region’s web site, and follow us on our Facebook page. We are here for YOU!

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