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Generous gift supports Alternative Center for Education mission

Alternative Center for Education in Appleton recently received a $3,000 grant from the Robert L Keller Fund within the Community Foundation to help provide educational services to individuals with learning differences and equip them with the academic, social and emotional skills needed to succeed in school, at work and in the community.

By Anne Schauman, MSE, Director, Alternative Center for Education

Defeating poverty, illiteracy, and mental, physical and emotional disabilities is a huge challenge. A concerted effort, teamwork, is essential! Philanthropic gifts from corporations big and small, and donations from foundations, individuals and other benefactors, provide the money to serve the needs of our community. Donors, nonprofits, volunteers, churches, schools and others, working beneath the umbrella of the Community Foundation staff, continue to meet the challenges.

An ACE client is volunteering his time and working diligently to provide research on the use of drones in police work.

Since its inception some 10 years ago, the Alternative Center for Education has been privileged to serve approximately 1,000 individuals and their families, most from within the Fox Valley Region. Many, among its clientele, need financial assistance. Help has been provided through generous gifts. Below is a small cross-section of our clientele:

Blake is a young man on the Autism Spectrum. He had attended school but needed help with daily life skills. We worked with him to improve his means of communication. He learned to use an iPad, prepare his snack in a microwave, vacuumed and grocery shopped, assisted in planting, watering and harvesting lettuce seeds, and began to interact socially. ACE worked with his family to facilitate his growth and foster his self-esteem.

Here are some additional testimonials:

“My education with ACE has been rewarding. I’m working on receiving a high school diploma. After receiving my diploma, I hope to earn a college degree in Counseling. ACE has been there through my struggles and continues to support me in all my educational needs.” – Mike

“When I contacted ACE, my daughter was struggling with reading and math; she was frustrated and miserable. Anne was a great teacher and trusting person for us and our daughter. She took pride and personal interest to see Hannah succeed and do better at school. Thanks to Anne and ACE, our daughter’s confidence in reading and math improved drastically throughout the year and her grades did the same.”

“When ACE became involved with my son, Alex, he became the person he always wanted to be; confident, socially appropriate, and able to earn an income doing what he likes. They took the time to gain his trust and understand him and his needs. He would not be where he is today without their support.”

“We currently have our children enrolled in the reading program at the Alternative Center for Education. The progress of our middle son, Christopher (5th Grade), has proven to be successful with less than 2 years tutoring. Before this he had struggled to read. Our other son, Clint (2nd Grade), had just started the program this summer. Both children came home with a more positive outlook to reading and have improved greatly! We hope that this will aid more children to receive funding. Our oldest son, Joel (7th grade), also has been working with Anne and has had measured success also! Thank you for your time!”

“I have found working with ACE to be very valuable in providing supportive services to help address a variety of barriers that are often not available from other programs. The unique interventions used to help individuals develop the necessary social, interpersonal, and other skills to successfully participate in employment is an essential component in helping many to meet their personal and professional goals. It’s obvious through working with ACE that there is a high level of dedication given to each customer, helping them to address their own specific needs in a way that makes sense for the individual, and genuine caring about the outcome. – Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

A community partnership, of individuals and entities dedicated to service, will overcome all challenges by adhering to the principals of the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region slogan: Together, we flourish.

Alternative Center for Education has been supported by the Robert L Keller Fund and the Hoffman Helps Fund within the Community Foundation. Interested in exploring a fund? We have a variety of flexible fund options. Check them out here.

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