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The Gift of Lightbulbs and Literacy

Posted on Jan 13, 2020, by

Lori K. Dehlinger Van Alstine sees lightbulbs. Not the physical kind, but the lightbulbs of realization she enjoys seeing in children and grownups who discover something new for the first time.

“Literacy along with mentoring and tutoring programs have always been important to me,” says Lori. That’s one reason she has decided to set up the Lori K. Dehlinger Van Alstine Public Library Fund, a designated endowment fund, and the Lori K. Dehlinger Van Alstine fund, a field of interest endowment, both within the Waupaca Area Community Foundation.

After her lifetime, proceeds from her estate will enable her fund to support both New London and Waupaca libraries and address community needs in New London and Waupaca.

Her planned estate gift has put Lori in the Himebaugh Legacy Circle, a group of more than 250 members recognized and celebrated by the Community Foundation for supporting their favorite charitable causes or future community needs through an estate or other planned gift to the Community Foundation.

Still practically newlyweds (five years strong), Lori and her husband Joe have been talking about how to leave behind a legacy that reflects the charitable interests they are passionate about.

“For me, it’s about improving lives for the next generation through learning and knowing these gifts will continue forever,” says Lori. “Working with the Community Foundation was easy, and it’s very comforting to know that things will be taken care of after I’m not here.”

You can make an impact on the people and projects that matter to you long after you are no longer here. The Himebaugh Legacy Circle recognizes those who have made future plans for their favorite charitable causes through a bequest or similar deferred gift to the Foundation.


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