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Cindy Wyngaard’s gift of nature for all ages

Cindy Wyngaard loves the outdoors so much, she can’t imagine sitting idle!

“I’m not a knitter, a quilter or a reader. I can’t sit still that long! I’d rather be outside doing anything, especially in, on or near water,” says Cindy, who lives in Kaukauna.

A few years ago, the Kimberly-Clark retiree shared with friends that she’d always wanted to set up an educational scholarship fund but didn’t have the first idea of how to go about it. “They pointed me to the Community Foundation, and I met with (then vice president) Bob Ellis, who guided me through the process and introduced me to the Himebaugh Legacy Circle.”

Cindy started her Cynthia L. Wyngaard Scholarship Fund to see the joys of giving now, and her Cynthia L. Wyngaard Charitable Fund – which placed her in the Himebaugh Legacy Circle – as a way to keep giving after her lifetime.

Her estate will ensure that her scholarship fund will continue to benefit a number of graduating Kaukauna High School seniors as well as individuals of all ages who enjoy the outdoors and the natural resources in the Fox Valley. Her estate gift will contribute toward the creation of additional trails and bench programs, particularly in Kaukauna parks and her favorite place, High Cliff State Park in Sherwood, as well as educational programs focused on sustainable management of Natural Resources such as Trees for Tomorrow, children’s fishing programs, and disabled sportsmen programs which would provide adaptive experiences for those who love to hunt and fish.

“I feel privileged to be a part of the Himebaugh Legacy Circle. It’s a way for me to give back to the things I care about and know that those gifts will go on forever.”

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2 Responses to Cindy Wyngaard’s gift of nature for all ages

  • Bob Ellis says:

    Cindy is a wonderful representative of the many kind and generous souls who share our community and choose to follow the example set by Donald and Violet Himebaugh. Her thoughtful approach to giving and the lasting impact it will have on others is inspirational.

    1. Amy Spreeman says:

      Thanks Bob, we think so too!

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