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We’re cooking up some fun with “Aunt Betty’s” recipes!

Betty Van Den Broek’s recipe for mozzarella cheese dip is pretty famous around here. As you can see, the dip is quickly gobbled up in mere minutes by appreciative Community Foundation staff.

Betty Van Den Broek

When visitors come to the Community Foundation, it’s usually Betty Van Den Broek’s smiling face who greets them at the front reception area.

Betty is known for her kind and welcoming personality. But those of us on staff know Betty is also known for her amazing treats!

Most workplaces have that one employee who brings in a special treat that seems to disappear as soon as the lid is opened or the box is unwrapped. For us, it’s Betty. Whether we’re celebrating a baby shower or a certain day of the week, we all look forward to whatever she brings to the table.

“Aunt Betty”

I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t have a Betty to make these for me! How can I try these delectable treats?”

Glad you asked! We’ll be sharing a few dozen of Betty’s most mouth-watering recipes on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  You don’t have to be a member of these channels to access these recipes, but it helps. We even made an icon of Betty so you can spot her recipe posts easily!

We all have our favorites, but at the top of the list is Betty’s famous mozzarella dip. It’s hands-down a winner. So that’s our first recipe we’re sharing.

I asked her about her famous dip, how long she’s been making it, and whether she’s ever changed it up:

“No, I’ve been making this dip exactly the same each time,” Betty says. “I’ve been making this dip for my Community Foundation co-workers for about 20 years, and people seem to like it.”

“It’s truly made with love,” says Jennifer Osborn, community engagement coordinator .

“It’s sooooo gooood,” says Mito Kudaka, strategic initiatives director.

“What makes Betty’s mozzarella dip so wonderful? It’s incredibly rich and decadent,” says Carissa Kranz, donor services manager.

I agree. Each bite is worth the calorie count.

Ready to try it?  Click on Aunt Betty’s recipes and enjoy:


2 Responses to We’re cooking up some fun with “Aunt Betty’s” recipes!

  • Kim O'Brien says:

    I asked her when the cookbook is coming out as Betty’s baking and cooking is always a reason to come to work in the morning! As well as her smiling face and she always laughs at my jokes. You can’t find a better co-worker than that!

    1. Amy Spreeman says:

      A cookbook! What a great idea, Kim!

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