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Fund puts technology in the hands of students in need

Little Chute 1st grader Kyle Walker receives a computer, thanks to the Corey & Kristy Stumpf Tech for Kids Fund within the Community Foundation. The fund was established in 2012 to provide technology assistance to children (early childhood – grade 12) who have severe cognitive and/or developmental disabilities with a demonstrated financial need.

By Jill Muthig, donor services and scholarship manager, Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region

For the past several years I’ve been part of making the gift of technology come true not only for the recipient, but the giver. In this case, the giver is a family we here at the Community Foundation have known for a long time: Corey and Kristy Stumpf.

Brielle Peterson receives her laptop and supplies awarded from the Corey & Kristy Stumpf Tech for Kids Fund within the Community Foundation.

Each year the family presents a gift of computers and other technical equipment to students who need them the most: those who have cognitive or developmental disabilities, whose families might not otherwise be able to afford such luxuries. This technology helps the students learn and communicate more effectively at school and home.

A unique history

The Corey and Kristy Stumpf Tech for Kids Fund within the Community Foundation started with Kristy’s vision to provide technology assistance to children with cognitive or developmental disabilities.

The Stumpf family had an extra iPad they wanted to donate, so Kristy contacted our office for assistance. A member of our staff connected Kristy with a student who had a need. Kristy and Corey hand-delivered the iPad to the student, who later sent a note saying, “Thank you for helping me talk.”

It was such a moving experience that Kristy and Corey wanted to continue to help children in need who could benefit from the use of technology. So the charitable fund with us, in their name, was born to help them continue to make a difference in the lives of children.

Their fund in the Community Foundation now buys tablets and other adaptive technology for students with disabilities and economic need. So far their fund has helped purchase more than $30,000 worth of items, including laptops, iPads, headsets and more.

An emotional celebration

This year five amazing students from several local school districts were excited to receive these gifts. The students were chosen from an application process we helped the Stumpf family develop when they created their fund in November 2012. Technology assistance is then awarded to students, at the discretion of the selection committee, from Freedom, Hortonville, Kaukauna, Kimberly, Little Chute, Seymour and Stockbridge school districts. Next year we are adding Menasha public schools for a total of eight eligible districts.

The selection committee has two representatives from each school, along with two Stumpf family members and two Community Foundation staff members. Once the recipients are chosen, the appropriate equipment is purchased by IT staff in each school and set up for the student. We make sure their computers are ready to use before the students go on summer break.

Last month’s presentation at Kaukauna High School made a big impact not only on the recipients but also their families, their teachers and last but certainly not least, the Stumpf family with whose generosity has made this all possible. Kristy and Corey said they will definitely continue to help students in need. We are so honored to be able to help them make their charitable dream a reality!

A “Field of Interest Fund” like this one is a focused approach to giving in which donors support a broad charitable cause but allow the Community Foundation to select nonprofit projects or programs that meet their giving goals as grant recipients. Learn about all of our flexible fund options here.



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