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A sneak peek at Wisconsin Water From the Air

Some of the most gorgeous bodies of water can be found right here in the Badger state. Wisconsin is home to 84,000 miles of rivers, 15,000 lakes and millions of wetland acres. Now getting a birds-eye view is as easy as finding your television remote.

Wisconsin Dells

The Francis A. and Georgia F. Ariens Fund is sponsoring The Wisconsin Public Television program, Wisconsin Water From the Air, set to debut tonight.

The all-new Wisconsin Water From the Air takes viewers above, atop and along state waterways that inspire reflection, wonder and adventure. From the routes that the Wisconsin, Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers carve through the state’s landscape to the wide-stretching shores of Lake Michigan, celebrate the waterways that shape Wisconsin.

Here’s a look at a clip from Wisconsin Water From the Air.

More videos will be posted on the Wisconsin Public Television Blog.

Francis A. and Georgia F. Ariens Fund within the Brillion Area Family of Funds has also sponsored Wisconsin Winter from the Air, as well as many other Wisconsin Public Television programs. Last year the Ariens Fund made gifts to the Tribal Histories project’s Brotherton and Stockbridge-Munsee documentaries, resulting in new educational resources about Wisconsin’s tribal nations. The Fund also made gifts to Our House: The Wisconsin Capitol.

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