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Leading with the right stuff

Leading a nonprofit organization or volunteering on community boards takes determination along with the kind of expertise and tools most of us didn’t learn in school. That’s why the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region launched the Nonprofit Leadership Initiative two years ago, to help strengthen hundreds of local nonprofits by providing support, collaboration and learning opportunities.

“These modules are fantastic. Keep up the good work!”

“This training aligned perfectly with our Strategic Plan. Thanks for providing experts in their field.”

Kim O’Brien, executive director, Nonprofit Leadership Initiative

These are two of many glowing reviews from local nonprofit leaders who have benefited from the initiative’s Leadership Institute training. The Institute is one of four founding programs designed to support nonprofit leadership.

Sharing the good news

“We’re well on our way to helping develop strong nonprofit leaders, and we’ll share the good news with the community,” said Kim O’Brien, executive director of the Nonprofit Leadership Initiative. “Attendees will learn about the Initiative’s progress over the past two years, celebrate success stories and hear how the programs are identifying gaps and working to meet those needs in our communities.”

Nonprofit Leadership Initiative – Report to the Community

Session 1: Monday, September 17, 3-4:30 pm & Register Here

Session 2: Tuesday, September 18, 8-9:30 am. Register Here

If you have questions, email O’Brien, or visit the Nonprofit Leadership Initiative website. Community leaders are invited to complete a short Impact Survey to provide input.

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