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‘Take your seat’ offers a choice for Chilton students

Posted on Sep 4, 2018, by

Flexible seating options are now available to students at Chilton Middle School. With the help of a $2,000 grant from the Chilton Area Community Foundation, special education teacher Emily Bancroft was able to purchase a standing table, whiteboard table, various seating options and standing travel tables for her classroom.

For many students with special needs, concentrating in class may be a challenging task. In a typical classroom there is only one type of chair available, so having flexible seating options is an important factor in where and how special education students can do their work.

“Many of these students work really hard to concentrate on the subject material that having to focus on sitting still in a chair should not have to be their main focus,” Bancroft said.

Students in Bancroft’s class now have the ability to sit, stand, lay or kneel to accomplish their workload. By having the freedom and flexibility to choose where and how they would like to sit, students decide where their best work environment is depending on their needs for that particular day.

“Many students will change throughout the day depending on what they need at the time. Many of the students with special needs are able to blend in and can collaborate easier with their peers when they have flexible seating options,” Bancroft said.

Following the success of the seating options in her own classroom, Bancroft hopes that flexible seating options will be accessible to all Chilton Middle School students in the 2018-19 school year.

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