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iPads to change art class at Chilton Middle School

By Emily Pappin
Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region

A $4,352 grant through the Chilton Area Community Foundation is bringing exciting changes to art classes at Chilton Middle School.

Chilton art teacher Brittni Nelson

Chilton art teacher Brittni Nelson will introduce 10 iPads, complete with cases and a charging station, into her classroom this fall, as a way for students to track their progress, visualize their improvements and build up digital portfolios of their original works.

“Through the use of digital portfolios, students and families will be able to see the artwork that is created from year to year,” Nelson said.

They will also allow parents to get a sneak peek of their children’s work before the end-of-the-year showcase.

Artwork by Chilton Middle School students

These portfolios will support Chilton Middle School’s movement away from traditional letter grading in favor of standards-based grading. Students will be graded on the development of their skills, not only in the creation of art, but through thoughtful reflection on their practices.

“By having a way to see the learning that is happening through a period of time, students will have a way to document the standards they have achieved,” Nelson said.

The app Seesaw will be used for digital art portfolios

These reflections take place through an app called Seesaw, which also allows students to “share their artwork in a fun and meaningful way” and get  “practice on creating positive and meaningful digital footprints,” according to Nelson.

This coming fall, a class blog will be created to showcase student work.

These iPads will also open the doors to the world of digital art, including stop-motion video, photography and more, exposing students to media that could inspire a new hobby or lifelong passion.

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