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Community cranes foster togetherness

By Nicole Van Hout, Event Manager
The Trout Museum of Art

Open the doors to The Trout Museum of Art and you’ll be greeted by an unusual, but beautiful sight. A flock of birds hangs from the ceiling, frozen mid-flight in shades of many colors. Each one was carefully created by the hands of Fox Valley community members. Using only one sheet of paper, these origami cranes were crafted fold-by-fold.

The Trout Museum of Art, located in downtown Appleton, is host to an origami exhibit called ORIcursion: Original Origami by Robert J. Lang through Dec. 31. The incredible talent of Robert Lang inspired us at the art museum to create a community art project that centered around the art of folding paper. For two months now, community members have been folding cranes and swans to add to this large installation piece called “The Flock” that hangs in the atrium of the museum. The birds are strung together by a dedicated team of volunteers and then tied to a metal grid. When it’s full, the grid is hung from the ceiling to display the collaborative efforts of the Appleton and greater Fox Valley community.

The Community Foundation awarded a $2,500 Arts & Culture grant for the project.

Although our mission is to excite the community about the visual arts, The Flock has a purpose much greater than that: Working together to create something as one encourages a sense of community and togetherness. We want to inspire people to collaborate, cooperate and come together as one.

Join us at The Trout Museum of Art to add your piece to our community art project, and watch The Flock grow.

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