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5 ways our donors are showing their love for the community

 “We get more out of it than they do.”

Marian and Joe Walsh have shared their love of music with generations of Kaukauna students in third, fourth and fifth grades.  Read more.


 “My disability gives me potential to share with the world a story that is unique.”

Hannah Fitton paid the love forward with her own scholarship fund after receiving the Margaret Ferris Scholarship for Hard of Hearing Students. Read more.

Balliet family at Appleton Flag Day Parade

“A parade needs music.”

Bob Balliet, WW II POW and veteran of the Black March through northern Europe, will be remembered lovingly by marching bands when the Flag Day Parade marches through Appleton. Read more.

CHAPS Academy

“Committee members dug into their wallets and contributed $20 each.”

Grants committee members volunteer to serve out of a sense of love for the community. Read more.


 “This was the love and passion of her life.”

Sandra Fuller loved her century-old family farm, and shared it with the public out of love for her community.

Read more.


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