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LIFE Study priorities offer recipe for community improvement

The 2016 Fox Cities Leading Indicators for Excellence (LIFE) Study resulted in what clearly are community priorities for improving the quality of life in the Fox Valley region.

A cross-section of more than 200 Fox Cities residents gathered before the release of the statistical study to review the data and vote on the top priorities. What they saw in the numbers were the four community priorities listed below. You can read our analysis of what the study says about the priorities and summaries of all of the sections of the study by using the links below.

Poverty – The poverty rate for single women raising children is about eight times higher than the rate for married couples with children.
Youth Health – Fox Cities teens attempt suicide at a rate that is twice the state average (12% vs. 6%).
Student Performance – Less than 40% of Fox cities students showed proficiency in reading and just over 50% in math in state tests, though both numbers exceed state averages.
Youth Safety – 27% of area high schoolers report being bullied and 18% say they experienced cyber-bullying, above both state and national averages.

The LIFE Study, which builds on previous data collection to present a snapshot of socio-economic conditions in the Fox Cities area, has been sponsored by the Community Foundation, United Way Fox Cities and the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce and Industry every five years since 2001. In the future, key data on the new, interactive website will be updated on a regular basis.
Dig into the LIFE Study data at

The study looks at existiting statistics related to demographics,  the economybasic needs,  health and wellness, education and learning, safety, the environment and culture and belonging.

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