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Foundation ranks high in national survey

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region’s resources to do good in the region we serve ranks in the middle of the top 100 list of the more than 750 community foundations nationally.

The annual list, published by the New York-based Foundation Center, shows us at No. 59 in assets, with nearly $295 million as of the reporting year ending June 30, 2015. That ranks us among foundations serving much more populous metropolitan areas, including those in New Orleans, Santa Barbara, Dallas and Miami. We rank second in Wisconsin, behind only the Greater Milwaukee Foundation.

“The importance of the Columbus Survey ranking is that, in terms of philanthropy, the Fox Valley region is in the company of cities that have many more people and greater resources. What we have is the generous hearts of the people who live here,” President and CEO Curt Detjen said.

The assets come from individuals, families, businesses and other organizations who contribute to charitable funds they establish with the Community Foundation to support favorite nonprofit organizations. Collectively, their gifts represent a permanent source of community capital to meet area needs.


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