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Posted on Jul 30, 2014, by

Maintaining a vibrant and strong community is challenging.  It requires vision, creativity and leadership. It takes people willing to put themselves out there for the good of the community.

Our community has been talking about investing in both an exhibition center and a sizable indoor youth sports arena.  Each will require tens of millions of dollars, and the confidence to charge a bit more in room taxes as the means to pay for these improvements. Hotel managers have expressed support.

Exhibition CenterI am pleased that our community embraces opportunities and does not rest on its laurels. We have community leaders who are willing to do the hard work and take the lead in working with government to take good ideas and make them a reality, rather than waiting for government to do these things for them.

Pay attention and contribute to the discussion about the community we aspire to become.  That is the way the right decisions will be made, and our future will continue to be better than our past.

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