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Lasting legacy helps young cancer survivors

Posted on Mar 3, 2014, by

High school seniors are enjoying their final semesters and making plans for what comes next. For many, this involves searching for scholarships. Your Community Foundation is a focal point for much of this, providing nearly $1 million in scholarships to hundreds of students each year. This year, we are honored to add a new one — the Joyce Bytof Memorial Cancer Survivors Scholarship.

It’s a legacy for a woman deeply loved and respected in this community.  True to form for Joyce, even as she fought the battle for her life against an aggressive form of cancer, she worked hard to build this scholarship program to give hope and opportunity to young people who have battled and beaten back the cancer in their own lives.  She could relate to them, and wanted these scholarships to inspire them to fight their fight, and to expect a promising future in spite of their cancer.

Together with Joyce’s family, the Community Foundation will award these scholarships, in Joyce’s name, with pride this year and every year – forever – conveying to these special young people the undying spirit that made Joyce Bytof shine.

What will be your legacy?

Curt Detjen is president/CEO of the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region. Email him at [email protected].

View video of Joyce Bytof discussing the scholarship

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