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Community is what counts after 10 years

Posted on Jun 3, 2013, by

An interview with Insight Magazine recently gave me a reason to reflect back on my first 10 years as president/CEO of the Community Foundation. I found that what has been most important to our success was not what happened in those 10 years, but in what has defined our community from the beginning.

The Foundation and our community are guided by strong charitable ideals. Our local culture includes a presumption that people who live here will be involved in their communities as leaders or by working in the trenches. Our businesses, corporations, organizations and, most of all, our families expect it of us.

The statistics say the Foundation’s assets grew from $90 million to $204 million in a decade that saw wild swings in the stock market. Our cumulative grants totaled $45 million at that time and have grown to more than $162 million.

The Community Foundation has grown so phenomenally over the years because we keep things simple and have a tradition of providing an excellent level of service to our donors. You trust us, you know us and we are involved in our community just like you are.

Contact us to see how we can meet the challenge in helping you achieve your charitable vision. You can count on our continued dedication to earning your trust and providing better service than you expected. Your generosity deserves that!

Curt Detjen is President/CEO of the Community Foundation.   Email him at [email protected].
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