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Support for Charitable Causes

Support For Charitable Causes

As a professional advisor, you play an important role in helping your clients achieve their charitable goals. We’re here to serve as your resource for starting the conversation, spotting giving opportunities and determining what, when and how to give. We welcome the opportunity to tailor a gift or charitable fund to your clients’ interests and goals. Almost any asset can provide meaningful support for charitable causes.

Tools and services we offer:

Questions you can use to get the conversation started:
  • What principles have guided the way you’ve lived your life? Raised your family? Run your business?
  • Do you currently volunteer at or financially support any charitable organizations? Which ones, and why?
  • What personal legacy do you want to leave?
    See our downloadable Conversation Starters for more
Help with spotting giving opportunities that maximize client benefits from charitable giving:
  • When creating or updating estate plans.
  • When reviewing or revising financial plans.
  • Before selling a business, real estate or other major asset.
  • In anticipation of, and throughout, retirement.
  • After receiving an unexpected inheritance, bonus or other windfall.
  • When looking for simpler, more cost-effective ways to give.
Handouts to help you help your clients decide whether to give, what to give and when to give.
The Professional Advisor Network, a forum where you can connect with Foundation staff, leaders and fellow advisors.