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Director of Gift Planning
Michelle Lippart Hardwick


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Investment Partners Program

What is the Investment Partners Program?

Through our Investment Partners Program, donors (your clients) maintain their partnership with you as their trusted advisor, and you both benefit from the local services and community knowledge of the Community Foundation.

The Investment Partners Program enables you and your clients to set up charitable funds at the Community Foundation managed by you. It’s a three-way partnership between the philanthropic experience of the Community Foundation, the investment experience of local advisors like you, and the relationship with your clients – a winning combination for the community!

Let our knowledgeable and dedicated Community Foundation staff handle the administrative tasks, and give you and your clients a charitable giving tool that is simple, flexible, tax-efficient, and local.

  • Donor requests in writing to have fund assets managed by their preferred advisor in a separate account.
  • The Community Foundation undertakes due diligence on investment manager and investment manager agrees in writing to follow the Community Foundation’s Investment Policy Statement for the Investment Partners Program.
  • Investment account is established and investment manager provides investment services.
  • Donor makes an irrevocable tax-deductible contribution to establish the fund with cash, securities,
    real estate, personal property or other assets.
  • Donor signs a fund agreement with the Community Foundation. The advisor is not party to this agreement.
  • Fund is invested within one of three broad asset allocation guidelines (Growth Portfolio, Balanced Portfolio,
    or Capital Preservation Portfolio).
  • The Community Foundation receives accounting and reporting for each managed portfolio.
  • Donor makes grant recommendations from the fund, supporting the charitable causes that are important
    to them. Community Foundation staff are available as a resource to assist and provide desired insights.
  • Access to the Community Foundation’s deep community knowledge, highly personalized services
    and philanthropic experience.
  • Local expertise and advice identifying charitable giving interests and goals.
  • Variety of options to give now and later as part of estate plans.
  • Confidence in charitable wishes being carried out now, and forever.
  • Opportunity to engage multiple generations in philanthropy and legacy.

The Investment Partners Program is available for funds established with assets equal to or greater than $250,000. Advisors can offer many clients this investment strategy by pooling charitable funds if any one single portfolio meets or exceeds the $250,000 minimum.

Advisors are required to adhere to the Community Foundation’s Investment Policy Statement for the Investment Partners Program. Investment fees are borne by the portfolio.

How to get started:
Setting up a charitable fund is easy, and you can do this online! Visit our Start a Fund page to:

    1. Choose a fund name.
    2. Define a fund purpose.
    3. Sign a fund agreement describing charitable intent.
    4. Make a gift of cash, securities, real estate, etc. to the Community Foundation to establish the fund.

Interested in learning more?

We’re here to help!
Michelle Lippart Hardwick
Director of Gift Planning
[email protected]