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Donor Services Online

Your Access to the Online Portal


Once you’ve established a fund with the Community Foundation, we make giving through your fund easy, convenient, and meaningful.

The Community Foundation’s secure Donor Services Online Portal lets you manage your fund online by viewing your fund balance, submitting grant recommendations, and viewing past grants.

New Password Requirements for 2022:

We’ve strengthened our password requirements for all users to enhance protection of your account and to ensure the most secure online environment.

If you’re an existing portal user, before you can access the portal for the first time in 2022, you must first update your current password:

Your new password must contain:

        • A minimum of 12 characters
        • Both letters and numbers (no patterns)
        • At least one special character (like # / $ % & @)

Your password cannot contain:

        • Your name, username or organization name
        • Any patterned numbers (such as 123 or 321) in any text direction

Existing Users:

Enter the portal here and follow the instructions for resetting your new password:

New Users:

The online instructions are easy to follow. You can also download them here

Be sure to save your password and the link to the Donor Services Online address in your favorites or bookmarks.


      1. Check your Spam or Junk folder for an email from the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region.


      2. Note: It can take up to 24 hours for the system to connect your new user login to your funds. If you need to be connected sooner, contact your Community Foundation Donor Services representative to expedite the process to get you up and going.
      1. If you’ve already updated your password to the new 2022 requirements but need a reminder, you can request a password reset from the login page using the email associated with your account. (Click on the “USE THIS LINK IF YOU’VE FORGOTTEN YOUR PASSWORD” link in the login box.) If you get locked out and need assistance, please email
        [email protected].We will assist you during business hours (M-F,   8 a.m. – 4 p.m.).
      2.  Take note of your username and the password you select.

If you’ve already established a fund at the Community Foundation but your fund information is not displaying properly, contact your Community Foundation Donor Services representative.