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ANNOUNCEMENTS: September 2: Technology Upgrade Transition Begins!
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Donor Services Online

Your Access to the Online Portal


We are in the process of updating our information technology, including our databases and web portals, as part of our investment in our technology upgrade. Your new easy-to-navigate, user-friendly Fund Advisor Web Portal, formerly Donor Services Online, will launch in October and feature new ways to view your fund activity and statements, and make grant recommendations.  

Through mid October, some of our services will be unavailable for periods of time.

You can access your fund statements online using this portal, and you can make contributions to your fund via mail or in person. However, online grant recommendations will be disabled; you can send recommendations directly to your Donor Services representative via email or mail. Grant payments will be sent by October 14. 

We are beginning to enter contributions received from September 9 through September 16. Watch your email for updates. 

For Agency Fund Advisors: Fund distribution requests will be accepted by contacting Kelly Randerson directly. However, distributions will not be sent until early October. 

Here To Help!

We are happy to talk through how we can support your philanthropy during this time. Your Donor Services representative is always happy to assist you in retrieving your fund information you need.

We’ll communicate more as we get closer to launching our new portal. You can keep up with our latest technology announcements here.

If you need assistance navigating a charitable contribution or grant, please reach out. We are happy to talk through how we can support your philanthropy during this time. 

View your Fund Statement

Enter the portal to get your balance sheet and revenue statement updated through the most recent month (unaudited), for a date range you determine.

Need help with logging in or viewing your statement? Click on our Troubleshooting solutions below, or contact our Donor Services Online portal help team by clicking the button below and let us know what technical issues you are experiencing. If you can attach a screen shot of the issue you are seeing, that would be helpful!