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Waupaca Area Community Foundation grants, awarded from unrestricted funds, support specific projects or new programs for which a moderate amount of grant money can make a significant impact on an area of need. Grants are made for a broad range of purposes to a wide variety of charitable organizations in the focus areas of arts and culture, community development, education, environment, health and human services.

General grant policies

To be eligible to receive grants from the Community Foundation, organizations must have been determined by the IRS to be public charities. This encompasses most charitable, scientific, social service, educational and religious organizations described in § 501(c)(3) of the tax code, as well as government agencies. Organizations that are not public charities may apply through a fiscal sponsor. All Community Foundation competitive grant programs using discretionary funds are subject to these guidelines:

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Nondiscrimination  ||  Faith-based funding  ||  Controversial grants 
 Requests for interim, progress or final reports  ||  Redirected or declined applications 
Large capital investments  ||  Fundraising activities  ||  Previously incurred expenses
Multiple requests from a single organization 

Additional policies affecting: Waupaca Area Community Foundation grants 

Small  capital 
investment OK

Government and 
Schools eligible

Medical research

requests OK

Repeat funding

Travel expenses








Review Criteria

The strongest proposals will be those that meet all or most of the following criteria.

Strength of project design

  • Project is innovative.
  • Project is focused, well defined and likely to be implemented successfully.
  • Project identifies clear outcomes, work plans and measures of success.
  • Those people directly or indirectly affected by the project are appropriately involved.
  • Evaluation of program is clearly incorporated into program design.
  • Project demonstrates the ability to leverage other resources (i.e., other funds, volunteer labor, in-kind contributions or community partnerships).
  • Project doesn’t duplicate existing services.

Relationship to agency mission and organizational capacity

  • Project is consistent with the organization’s mission.
  • The organization and its staff have the capacity to implement the project.
  • Project enhances or expands quantity/quality of organization’s programs or services.

Potential impact on community

  • Project addresses a community need.
  • Project or program is likely to be sustained after grant.
  • Project has strong possibility for replication.
  • Project promotes prevention and addresses systemic, societal problems.

Financial considerations

  • Organization’s financial condition is stable.
  • Project budget is realistic, relates to the project narrative and costs are reasonable.
  • Other funding sources have been sought.

Acivities funded

The WACF Board funds projects and programs in the greater Waupaca area. The Foundation awards grants primarily in the areas of human services, arts and culture, education and community development to projects and programs that:

  • Might show a significant result for a moderate amount of grant money.
  • Are creative, innovative, and address community needs.
  • Add value to effective community programs.
  • Encourage cooperation in the delivery of services to the area.
  • Increase volunteer involvement and commitment to community needs.
  • Develop self-reliance and character or eliminate dependency.
  • Strengthen the family.
  • Have a strong possibility for benefiting other nonprofit organizations facing similar problems.
  • Help the disadvantaged achieve their goals.
  • Help fund small capital projects for which a Foundation grant will have a major impact.
  • Do not normally extend beyond one year.

The WACF typically will not award grants: 

  • To support routine operating expenses of established organizations.
  • Organizations or needs not eligible per the grant policies listed above.

To apply 

  1. Submit the completed grant application form.
  2. If requested, participate in an interview or site visit with WACF representatives.
  3. Receive notification of grant award status.
  4. If approved, submit project progress reports as requested .

Applications will be duly considered by the Advisory Board of Directors, with grant recipients announced in August. Checks will be formally presented at the Foundation's annual meeting each October.

For more information about the Waupaca Area Community Foundation or the grant application process, please call Jack Rhodes, WACF President, at (715) 256-1939 or write him at P.O. Box 425, Waupaca 54981.

Waupaca Area Community Foundation

Works to preserve and improve the quality of life for the people of the greater Waupaca area.
Range of grantmaking: Up to $7,500. Starting in 2014, grants for the same program are limited to 3 years.
Grant application deadline: 4:00 p.m. June 16, 2014  
Grant decision: Mid-August (Grant will not cover expenses incurred before decision date.)
Contact: Heidi Dusek, (920) 830-1290 ext 25

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