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Dr. Fenlon left stability
for residency clinic

Dr. Charles “Chick” Fenlon had a list of community involvements as long and fulfilling as his 83-year life. But one clearly stood out above the rest.

The U.S. Air Force veteran, family doctor and former chief of staff of both Appleton hospitals held as his crowning achievement the Fox Valley Family Medicine Residency Clinic in downtown Appleton, which he co-founded in 1977.

“That was his greatest pride,” Peggy Fenlon, his widow, said. “He really enjoyed working with young doctors.”

When he made provisions in his estate plan for the training clinic for young doctors, Dr. Fenlon entrusted his legacy to the Community Foundation. The Dr. Chick Fenlon Residency Fund received memorials following his death on May 1, 2010, his birthday as well as a bequest from his estate.

Arranging for the eventual gift through the Foundation made him a member of the Himebaugh Legacy Circle. Membership indicates to others that you have chosen to make preparations that include your community among your heirs.

Generations of family doctors will carry on Dr. Fenlon’s legacy.