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Gosses' fund makes them perpetual environmental stewards 

Dick and Karen Gosse triggered the creation of the Community Foundation’s Environmental Stewardship Fund in 2006 when they established an environmental fund of their own.

Now they’re helping to make sure environmental grantmaking continues for the long-term by making provisions for the fund through their estate plan.

Their Richard and Karen Gosse Environmental Fund makes the local environment one of their heirs. They have made all of the fund’s grantmaking authority available to the Environmental Stewardship Fund and its volunteer grantmaking committee.

“We just want to make a positive difference,” Dick, a retired dentist, said.

Their bequest meant Dick and Karen, a teacher, could choose to become members of the Himebaugh Legacy Circle and encouraging others to plan to leave behind a gift for the Environmental Stewardship Fund.

Dick has been a member of the fund’s grantmaking committee since it was formed. He called their planned gift “a small piece of the puzzle.” They’re confident others will complete the picture.